General Handling Guide – Open Chip Platforms for Self-Assembly

The straight channel chip with double sided adhesive tape represents a microfluidic chip system for self-assembly that enables customized reagent and assay integration for various kinds of applications. For these purposes several chip types are at hand, having one or more integrated fluidic channels that remain open for manipulation at customer’s side.

Straight channel chip Fluidic 268 – how to remove the protective film

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General Handling Guide – Open Chip Platforms for Self-Assembly

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Application Note for droplet generation using Fluidic 440 and a microfluidic system from Fluigent

Droplet generation using microfluidics has attracted a lot of interest due to the ability to produce highly monodispersed droplets with high frequency. The generation of droplets is based on the use of two immiscible phases: continuous phase (medium in which droplets flow) and dispersed phase (the droplet).

Our droplet generator Fluidic 440 shows size variation of one main structure for the evaluation of generated droplet size under the desired conditions. Fluidic 440 is designed to generate droplets with channel dimensions at the droplet formation region of 80 μm, 70 μm, 60 μm and 50 μm channel width and height.

Droplet generator chip Fluidic 440 – used for the Application note from Fluigents microfluidic system.

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Production of water-in-oil emulsions using a droplet generator chip

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User Manual for ChipGenie® edition TSO

The ChipGenie® edition TSO allows for the temperature control of microfluidic chips in microscope slide format. A fixed temperature as well temperature cycling can be done to enable e.g. a fast PCR on chip. The ChipGenie® edition TSO is equipped with a fluorescence-based read-out unit to carry out the optical detection on microfluidic ChipShop’s chamber chips following the spacing of a 384 well plate of 4.5 mm with fixed read-out positions.

Reaction chamber chip Fluidic 584 – suited to be used for heatcycle applications, such as PCR experiments using the ChipGenie® edition T.

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ChipGenie® edition TSO

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