memetis develops and produces miniature valves based on shape memory alloy actuators. These ultracompact valves stand out with their low internal volume and low power consumption. The valves are media-separated and the wetted materials are biocompatible. With these advantages they are particularly suitable for applications in Life Sciences and the medical field, especially for mobile use at the Point-of-Care.

Fluidic systems that are sensitive to abrupt changes of fluid flow require valves that switch smoothly. The noiseless and yet fast shape memory alloy technology of memetis enables exactly this. In combination with a flow-sensor, memetis miniature valves can even be operated in proportional mode to precisely control flow rate.

Key features of memetis valves:

  • low internal volume
  • low power consumption
  • ultra-compact
  • biocompatible materials
  • media separated
  • silent operation
  • customizable due to patented layer structure

Valve types:

memetis offers two models of 2-way miniature valves:

  • normally-closed (NC) valve
  • bistable valve

Both valve types can be used with liquid and gases. The bistable valve only requires power to switch between the open and closed state and can thus enable battery-operated applications.


The flange mount connection of memetis valves enables direct integration on fluidic manifolds. For alternative interfacing, memetis also offers tube connectors and fluidic adapters with various kinds of fittings (LUER, Idex, Festo).

Valve control:

memetis valves are operated current-controlled. For a quick and easy start with the valves, memetis offers a small one-valve electronic control unit (ECU-S1). If more complex control and programming of the switching behavior is desired, the two-channel programmable electronic control unit (ECU-P2) offers IO channels, I2C interface and a micro-USB connection.

memetis SMA valve evaluation bundle

memetis offers a dedicated evaluation kit for NC valves. The control of the NC valves is simple: a current-regulated control system enables the valves to be switched from normally closed to open state. The valve‘s power consumption of 0.3 W is very low. When the current is switched off, the valve is closed again.

In the standard configuration, the wetted materials are PEEK (housing) and Silicone (sealing). Please check the compatibility of the fluids used with the valve materials before use.

The inlet and outlet of the valve are located on the bottom side and are equipped with O-rings for sealing. The valve evaluation kit includes fluidic adapters on which the valves can be mounted.

memetis valve next to a pen for size comparison

memetis The Bestseller Bundle

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memetis The Bestseller Bundle

2 memetis PEEK NC valves for liquids and gases
2 memetis fluidic adapters with Luer fitting(PEEK)
1 memetis programmable electrical control unit