Cellix offers precision microfluidic pumps for a wide range of applications. Key features and benefits of these microfluidic pumps include:

  • Pulse free syringe pumps
  • Single and multichannel control
  • Multiple independent channel pumping
  • Patented active flow control for accurate sample delivery
  • Simple, easy-to-use control via iPad mini, iPod Touch, PC
  • Ideal for microfluidics, shear stress, precision mixing and cell culture studies

ExiGoTM Microfluidic Syringe Pump with iPad mini control

Kima Pump with iPod Touch control
Mirus Evo Nanopump with PC control via VenaFlux Assay software

• Precise flow control with active feedback via integrated flow sensor
• Flow rate: 10 nl/min – 20 ml/min ±0.5%
• Standard syringes: 100 μl – 5 ml
• Wash mode or programmable perfusion mode (constant, ramp, step, sine) with reversible flow direction
• Rapid flow change (ms range)
• Excellent long-term flow stability
• Includes iPad mini which can control/program up to 4 pump modules independently
• Wi-Fi communication
• Use standard tubing for connection to any microfluidic biochip


• Fits inside standard CO2 incubators – maintaining temp., humidity etc.
• Recirculating long term perfusion pump
• Wash mode or pump mode
• Flow rate: 15 – 35 ml/hr ±4%
• Dead volume: < 300 μl
• Includes iPod Touch which can control up to 4 pump modules independently
• Wi-Fi communication
• Includes tubing kit for Vena8 biochips or alternative tubing kits for other biochips available


• Includes MultiFlow8 for precision flow splitting with equal flow rate in each channel
• MultiFlow8 contains 8 valves which can be switched on/off independently
• Higher throughput enabling 8 assays in parallel
• Patented flow damper to decrease syringe pump pulses
• Flow rate: 100 nl/min – 10 ml/min ±1% (syringes available: 50 μl – 5 ml)
• Dead volume: ~ 600 μl
• Flow direction reversible
• PC controlled via VenaFlux Assay software


Microfluidics, precise multichannel mixing; electrophysiology; single cell analysis; analytical biochemistry; RNA/DNA analysis.


Cell culture under shear stress/flow; Biofilm studies; cell culture in biochips with adherent cells (HUVECs), stem cells, HepG2 cells.


Microfluidic applications; Single Cell analysis; Microfluidic syringe pump for cell analysis under shear flow in biochips. Suitable for cell samples and whole blood samples.

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ExiGo™ pump; 1 x LabVIEW for PC; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and



Manifold for ExiGo™ Pump



Kima™ pump; 1 x iPod Touch with iKima App; 1 x iPod Dock (controller);
1 x tubing kit; 1 x 100mL bottle with GL45 cap; power supply and cables;
Velcro strips to secure iPod Dock to CO2 incubator



Kima™ pump; 1 x tubing kit; 1 x 100mL bottle with GL45 cap; power
supply and cables



MIRUS-PUMP-EVO, 1x syringe pump; 1x MultiFlow8; 1x VenaFluxAssay
Software; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and cables