Topas is thermoplastic polymer. It is a cyclo-olefin copolymer (COC) and completely nonpolar as well as amorphous. It has a very low permeability for water vapour and a low capacity for the absorption of water.


mcs-COC-13 – Tg: 142°C

mcs-foil-011 – 140 µm thickness, Tg: 70°C

mcs-foil-080 – 125 µm thickness, Tg: 142°C

COC can be used with:
  • Aqueous Solutions including Acids and Bases
  • Polar Solvents
  • mcs-oil-04
  • Silicone Oils
COC cannot be used with:
  • Nonpolar Solvents
  • Mineral Oils (Hydrocarbons)
  • Fats
  • Halogenated Hydrocarbons
Transmission Spectrum of 1.0 mm thick Microscopy Slide of mcs-COC-13