Our mission at microfluidic ChipShop is to shrink the biological and chemical laboratory and to bring lab-on-a-chip systems into daily laboratory life. Our catalogue is part of our service to breathe life into this mission: from off-the-shelf microfluidic chips to complete lab-on-a-chip systems, our products serve a wide range of your requirements and cover a wide range of your applications from simple liquid handling, electrophoresis, extraction, or mixing up to sample preparation and complete analytical tasks.

Whether you need a single chip or thousands, in our catalogue you will find the essential components for an easy route into the world of microfluidic handling and manipulation. Whether you take the first steps with lab-on-a-chip systems or you want to evaluate new designs and functions: you do not need to make up your own design, you avoid tooling costs, and we ensure fast delivery to your doorstep. Our Lab-on-a-chip catalogue is your roadmap to microfluidics, which allows you a quick, low-cost, and low-risk entry into that innovative technological field.

Of course, our expertise at microfluidic ChipShop extends well beyond the products listed in our catalogue: whether you seek a competent microfluidic-chip manufacturer, whether you want to translate specific functions into microfluidic designs, whether you need to adopt biological or biochemical assays to a miniaturized format respectively develop them from scratch for a microfluidic consumable, or you want to develop entire lab-on-a-chip systems: we are here to help you with our full range of production and development services.