Some interesting materials that are useful in microfluidics, in particular a range of different polymers, are either not commercially available as plate materials or not of sufficient quality for the special requirements of microfabrication. If you are in need of plain substrate material, e.g. for hot embossing experiments or as unstructured platform for surface chemistry experiments, we can provide you with substrates in our standard formats, like the microscopy slide, the 1/4 microtiterplate (43 mm x 64 mm), or round substrates with a diameter of 115 mm or 180 mm. Wafers, to be used for instance as substrates for hot embossing, come in several units in one package. If surface quality matters, each wafer is separately packaged. The dimensions of the substrates may differ in the range of 0.5 % depending on the material. If the material or the colour you require is not listed, we are happy to provide you with a special quote for substrate for your material needs. Besides the thicker polymer substrates in various formats, special foil materials in different thicknesses are available.

Wafer Format

For special requirements microfluidic ChipShop offers thin foils in various materials. This includes pure polymer foils as well as pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Special formats or the width of the foil can vary depending on their availability.