An ultra-flexible system for controlling any microfluidic setup is GeSiM’s modular FluidProcessor with its embedded CPU and graphical user interface. Select from a library of functional modules for fluidic and pneumatic control and/or include devices from other companies. It has superseded similar units from GeSiM.

The FluidProcessor features device slots of standardized width. Modules (valves, syringe pumps, pressure/temperature control etc.) occupy 1 to 3 slots and slide in from the front or the rear. (Slots 1 and 10 are narrower and slots 11 and 17 reserved for Ethernet connection, power and fans.) It can be easily reconfigured.

The system is built to order, so outline your application, select functional modules of interest, and your FluidProcessor will be designed with all accessories such as internal/external tubes, filters and reservoirs. Various fittings are available. The tubing scheme and, if applicable, protocols to drive the unit will be sent to the customer before it leaves the factory. The FluidProcessor is shipped with the GeSiM Fluidics software.

Example of a FluidProcessor for biosensor-based wastewater analysis (ANTHROPLAS project).

Modules used in the FluidProcessor.