A family of droplet generator chips in various designs allows for the generation of droplets in different sizes and frequencies. Integrated chips exceeding the droplet generation function e.g. with combining droplet generation with droplet storage for an afterwards separate optical analysis allowing a wide variety of experiments.

As fluidic interfaces female Mini Luer and female Luer adapters are integrated. The female Luer adapter due to their large volume not only allow to serve as fluidic interface but also as liquid reservoir.

Standard oils that are released by microfluidic ChipShop neither harming standard biological reactions nor the microfluidic chip materials can be found on the accessories site with recommendation for different chip materials.

One Channel Design

On the format of a microscopy slide (75.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 1.5 mm) with female Mini Luer fluidic interfaces a droplet generator structure is placed with several inlet and outlet interfaces. The droplet generator chips are available with two different channel widths in the droplet generation region.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 162

Fluidic 162

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 163

Fluidic 163

Multi Channel Design

Various Design Options

In this multi-channel design several design options to generate droplets with different volumes are implemented. The main channel as well as the entrance channel vary in diameter enabling a large set of experiments.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 285

Fluidic 285

Droplet Size Variation

This droplet generator design combines size variations of one main design for the evaluation of generated droplet size under the desired conditions. There are eight droplet generators on each chip with channel dimensions at the droplet formation region of 80 μm, 70 μm, 60 μm and 50 μm channel width and height. Each size version comes with two different outlet channel width.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 440

Fluidic 440

Double Emulsion – Droplet in Droplet – Three Elements on One Chip

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 536

Fluidic 536

Four Elements on One Chip

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 537

Fluidic 537

Droplet Generation and Storage Chips

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 488

Fluidic 488

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 719

Fluidic 719