The sample preparation chips have the format of a microscopy slide (75.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 1.5 mm) and are equipped with female Mini Luer connectors. Their key microfluidic elements are reaction chambers of various volumes in order to extract the target molecules out of a given sample in preparative quantities. These chips can for example be used as nucleic acid extraction devices via magnetic beads simply via applying beads and sample and by using an external magnet to hold the beads in place. These procedures can be done completely manually with a pipette – besides the magnet no additional equipment is necessary – or semi-automated with normal peristaltic pumps found in most life science labs.

Rhombic Chamber Chips eP1

Rhombic Chamber Chips eP2

Reaction Chamber Chips

PCR Chamber Chips with Dead-End Air Reservoir

Instrumentation: If you are interested in basic instruments for bead actuation and temperature control for the sample preparation chips please check out our ChipGenie edition P.

Preloaded chips: If you are interested in chips preloaded with dried reagents for nucleic acid extraction and the respective buffer solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.