With our lab-on-a-chip systems we aim to make biological and diagnostic assays simpler, more sensitive and less error prone. We also want to combine several assay steps, which are conventionally conducted in different systems, in one device.

To cope with the complex task of developing such systems, we adapt standard assay steps to the special requirements of the microfluidic surrounding. We also address topics like surface functionalization or dry and liquid reagent storage. Independent of how different your specific assays themselves are, the underlying principle and general steps to transfer the assay on chip usually have similar requirements and are part of microfluidic ChipShop’s daily business.

Implementation of Frit-Based Immunoassay On-Chip – Target: Troponin, Comparison of Standard ELISA Plate versus Assay On-Chip, Colorimetric Detection: Poly HRP (pHRP)/TMB (blue dye)

In order to facilitate assay and product development for you, microfluidic ChipShop offers the following special services, including the validation of the respective processes together with you:

Reagent Implementation
  • Dry Reagent Storage
    • PCR Master Mixes
    • PCR Primers and Probes
    • Cell Lysis Reagents
    • Beads for DNA Extraction
    • Buffer
  • Liquid Reagent Storage
  • DNA Arrays
  • RNA Arrays
  • Protein Arrays
Custom Platforms
  • Transfer of instrument platforms to your products together with the microfluidic device and the respective application
Assay Transfer

To cope with these tasks, microfluidic ChipShop’s biological and chemical laboratories are well equipped and experienced application teams are at hand.

Immunoassay On-Chip: Results from Colorimetric Detection of Francisella Tularensis