For a quick evaluation of the emptying of blister and filling behaviours, microfluidic ChipShop’s blister driver ChipGenie® edition BD is at hand. The chips are inserted in the loader, the instrument positions the blister correctly and a freely configurable emptying procedure can be performed. Visualisation takes place with an integrated camera.

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ChipGenie® edition BD – Blister Driver Instrument


Blister Test Chips

Blister Pouches

microfluidic ChipShop offers various blister test chips to evaluate liquid storage in blister pouches on chip. These chips can be obtained with and without blisters. Blisters are mounted on these chips with double sided adhesive tape that comes with the blister test chips.
Standard blisters are filled with dyed water and are available in different volumes. Custom fill is possible.

Blisters can be ordered as stand-alone parts being available with volumes ranging from 50 – 500 μl off-the shelf.
The blisters from 50 – 350 μl volume can be operated with blister test chips 289 and 522, the 500 μl blister requires different test chips.
All blisters can be ordered with individually defined liquids, to be provided to microfluidic ChipShop.