The ESS™ Platform includes three complementary types of bidirectional valves (the 2-SWITCH™, the L-SWITCH™ and the M-SWITCH™), as well as a unique communication hub, the SWITCHBOARD. This system can be controlled by Fluigent software or using the SDK. The different valves can be used for many different protocols. For sorting, the 2-SWITCH™ is recommended while for recirculation you can use the L-SWITCH™. However, for sequential injections the M-SWITCH™ is the most suitable product.

The Elements of the Fluid Handling Platform


2-way bidirectional valve

A bidirectional 3-port / 2-way valve, controlled by the ESSTM software or manually as a stand alone device

  • Fast response time: 20 ms
  • Chemical and biological compatibility (wetted materials: teflon)
  • Low internal volume (12 μL)
  • No heating
  • Use as a stand alone and manual system or software controlled (full automation)
  • Possibility to connect up to 8 2-SWITCHTM on the same SWITCHBOARD
  • No dead volume
  • Easy identification of the positions thanks to indicator lights

10-way bidirectional valve

A bidirectional 11-port / 10-way valve injecting and selecting up to 10 different liquids controlled by the ESSTM software

  • Chemical & biological compatibility (RPC-7)
  • Low internal volume (11.6 μL)
  • Integrated fittings
  • Software controlled – Full automation
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 M-SWITCH TM on the same SWITCHBOARD
  • No dead volume

6-Port/2-Position bidirectional valve

The L-Switch™ is a bidirectional 6-port / 2 position valve for injection or switching different fluids. Its configuration makes it ideal for recirculation in cell culture.

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Chemically and biologically compatible (wetted materials: PEEK)
  • For unidirectional recirculation for cell culture
  • Repeatable injection of precise and small volume
  • Low internal volume (660nL)
  • Usable with or without a sample loop
  • Automated and compact
  • No dead volume
  • Port-to-port switching: 100ms
  • External fittings

Communication Platform

A platform managing the communication and the control of up to 4 M-SWITCH™ and 8 2-SWITCH™

  • Centralized communications to the computer
  • Computer connection with a single USB plug
  • Provided power supply for M-SWITCH™ and 2-SWITCH™

Operation Options of the Fluid Handling Platform



Reagents #2 and #3 are injected while Reagent #1 path is closed. At the downstream of the chip, a 2-SWITCH™ is used as a 2-way switch to easily sort the exiting flow and send the sample that you want to recover into a special reservoir, while the remaining fluid goes to the waste. All the 2-SWITCH™ can be automated so that the selection of reagents and the outlet sorting are fully synchronized.

  • Chemical mixing reactions
  • Stoichiometry study

Sequential injection

Up to 10 different reagents are selected and injected inside an on-chip reactor. The reagents are motioned and controlled by Fluigent (MFCS™-EZ + Flow Rate Platform) flow control devices, and injected into the chip when they are selected by the M-SWITCH™. All steps can be automated by the ESS™ Control software.

  • Cell analysis
  • Cell lysis and DNA extraction
  • PCR analysis
  • Calibration curve


The sample is “loaded” into the sample loop connected to the L-SWITCH™ while the carrier buffer is injected directly into the chip. When the L-SWITCH™ is switched, the controlled volume included in the sample loop is “injected” into the chip with the carrier buffer. All steps can be automated by the ESS™ Control software. This kind of fluidic diagram can be very useful for cell culture.

  • Cell culture
  • Digital PCR
  • Chromatography
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