Fritbased Enrichment and Detection System for Immunoassays

The IFSA chip combines lab-on-a-chip technology with the advantages of frit-based assays, namely the enrichment of the sample through filtration and specific binding on the frit surface. Detection takes place directly on the frit surface as colorimetric or fluorescence detection depending on the chosen dye. The IFSA 1 Immunoassay Chip can be equipped either with specific antibodies or antigens coated on the frits or with anti-haptene surface allowing for an afterwards specific functionalization of the IFSA 1 Immunoassay Chip by the user himself. As a perfect merger of lab-on-a-chip and labautomation, the chip can be pre-equipped with dry or liquid reagents to be operated by a standard pipetting robot. Read-out can be done in standard 1536 well plate readers. Alternatively the ChipGenie® edition I instrument combining the pipettor with the read-out function can be used.

Fluidic 249

Chip-based frit technology is a collaborative work within the project IFSA together with the FZMB and Senova GmbH.