Liquid or dry sample uptake is a critical element not only in microfluidics. Our sampling vessels provide an easy way to solve that issue.

Sampling Vessels without Septum

Our sampling vessel Fluidic 275 with male Luer interface can hold a liquid volume of up to 6.5 ml. You can either pipette liquid into the vessel or fill it with a buffer solution and connect it to the chip. Into that buffer, you can insert a swab with the sample you want to analyse. The cap with embedded thread and O-ring on top of the sampling vessel ensures a liquid-tight sealing and prevents contamination. When your application requires it, we can integrate a piercable aluminium tape into the bottom of the sampling vessel. To break this tape, needles need to be embedded in the female Luer interfaces of specially designed chips.

Fluidic 275

Sampling Vessels with Integrated Septum

We integrated a septum into the bottom of our sampling vessel Fluidic 276, which is piercable with a needle and self-healing. That means, that it allows you to prefill the sampling vessel, mount it on your chip where the integrated needles pierces the septum, the required amount of liquid transfers from vessel to chip, and finally you can remove the vessel after the transfer is finished wihtout any remaining liquid pouring out of it. The sampling vessel also has a cap to prevent contamination.

Fluidic 276