You can order blisters not only as integrated components of our blister test chips but also as stand-alone parts. We offer different blister sizes with volumes ranging from 50-750 μm off-the-shelf.
Our blisters within the range of 50-350 μl volume can be integrated in our blister test chips 289 and 522, the 500 μl blisters require different chips. You can mount the blisters on your chips with a ring of double sided adhesive tape, which is included in the package. That also enables you to simply replace your blisters when needed. We offer all blisters either with dye (cyan, magenta, and yellow), water, or the liquids of your choice. In that case, you need to provide us with the appropriate amount. Our custom-filling services cost an extra € 100,-  per blister order.

Find some more information on blister pouches, blister test chips and the ChipGenie edition BD here:

Blisters – Efficient long-term liquid reagent storage on lab-on-a-chip devices

(PDF document, 3017 KB)

50 µl Blister Volume

50 µl – Fluidic 1187

100 µl Blister Volume

100 µl – Fluidic 1186

150 µl Blister Volume

150 µl – Fluidic 1185

200 µl Blister Volume

200 µl – Fluidic 1184

250 µl Blister Volume

250 µl – Fluidic 1183

350 µl Blister Volume

350 µl – Fluidic 1182

500 µl Blister Volume

500 µl – Fluidic 1175