The blister test chips are intended to evaluate liquid storage in blister pouches on chip. These chips can be obtained with and without blisters. Blisters are mounted on these chips with double sided adhesive tape that comes with the blister test chips. Standard blisters are filled with dyed water and are available in different volumes.

2-Blister Test Chip

Being equipped with two blisters that can be operated individually, the blister test chip 289 allows to evaluate the flow rate of the blister emptying procedure and to compare two different channel settings.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 289

Fluidic 289

Blister Test Chip – Emptying and Volume Evaluation

This blister test chip is equipped with two blisters followed by a straight channel or a channel with five cavities in line allowing for a measuring of 50 μl each.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 522

Fluidic 522

Blister Test Chip – Larger Volume Blisters

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 761

Fluidic 761

Spare Blisters

Blister Pouches

Blister Driver

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