The suspsension cell chip Fluidic 1471 has 16 replicate cultivation chambers and is designed for passive pumping. The patented passive pumping technology from is based on hydrostatic pressure as well as capillary forces, and combines both ingeniously to allow for extremly smooth pump-free liquid handling.

The matching metal handling frame can hold up to four suspension cell chips secured in place by its magnetic locking mechanism. It comes in the size of a conventional microtiter plate, making it compatible with every microscope and plate reader having a holder for multiwell plates. Therefore, high-throughput cell imaging on motorized stages is made feasible.

Schematic drawing of Fluidic 1471

Dimensions of Fluidic 1471

Suspension cell chip Fluidic 1471 inside of the handling frame

Detail of one functional unit of the suspension cell chip Fluidic 1471

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Suspension cell chip for passive pumping

500 µm


Surface Treatment: Hydrophilization



Handling frame for Fluidic 1471