microfluidic ChipShop offers both catalogue products and customer-specific product development, including the respective fluidic interfaces as well as the instruments to run the chips.

Product Development & Fabrication

microfluidic ChipShop accompanies your specific product development from the first ideas and product concepts to series production. Whether you need support with the single steps of product development or for the whole process chain, for fabrication or for application-specific aspects, we are your partner for all your requirements, since we offer all of it:

  • Conceptualization of the Product
  • Prototyping
  • Small-Lot Production
  • Series Production
  • Technical Functional Tests
  • Packaging & Quality Control

Design, Development & Manufacturing

The main part of our work is dedicated to the realization of microfluidic chips designed especially for you. microfluidic ChipShop assists you with the proper microfluidic design, the adaption of the design to fabrication needs, as well as the choice of the appropriate fabrication technology.

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With our Lab-on-a-Chip catalogue, we offer you a wide variety of off-the-shelf devices, the perfect microfluidic toolbox to build your own individual microfluidic setting. On one hand, you can combine different modules with each other in order to achieve certain fluidic functionalities via a series of chips, on the other hand, we can modify the chips themselves by, e.g. integrating further functionalities or special surface functions according to your requirements. Check out the available tools, like microfluidic chips, accessories and spotting technology. Let us help you to generate new ideas for starting your customization with existing chip modules.

Application Development: Assay & Reagent Implementation

The transfer of biological and chemical assays onto the chip as well as reagent implementation and surface modification are central elements for the development of lab-on-a-chip systems. We offer our customers these application related services in order to facilitate the overall product development. microfluidic ChipShop’s well equipped laboratories can be used for multiple purposes, e.g. development or quality control.

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R&D Projects

In order to generate innovative products, that help improve diagnostic as well as analytical processes, microfluidic ChipShop dedicates its year-long expertise in the field of microfluidics to research projects on a regular basis.