Ready-to-go microfluidic Chips

microfluidic ChipShop offers various kinds of standard chips such as simple straight channels, cross-shaped channel chips for electrophoresis, extractors, micro-mixers, droplet generators, and nanotiter plates. All chips are easy to use with a pipette or the fluidic interfaces and support kits offered as accessories.

Taking our standardization principles into account, all these chips have the format of a microscopy slide and a microtiter plate. The spacing between the fluidic interfaces either corresponds to the spacing of a 96 or of a 384 well plate, namely 4.5 mm or 9 mm distance from center to center of the wells. All polymer chips have the fluidic interfaces on the top and the microfluidic structure on the bottom side. The microstructures are sealed with a cover lid of the same material as the chip. The thickness of the respective cover lid is indicated in the product description.