H-shaped Channel Chips

The H-shaped channel chip family is placed on the format of a microscopy slide (75.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 1.5 mm). As fluidic interfaces, Mini Luer adapters are integrated on the chip. These chips can for example be used as extractors or to establish concentration gradients.

H-Shaped Channel Chip

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 164

Fluidic 164

Splitter Chips

In many experimental setups splitting of contents from one microfluidic input channel is required. Splitter chips are specifically designed to evenly divide one microfluidic stream for downstream applications.

Splitter chips

Schematic drawing of Fluidic 1060

Fluidic 1060

Schematic drawing of Fluidic 1537

Fluidic 1537