Our micro- or nanowell plates have the format of a microscopy slide (75.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 1.5 mm) and include cavities with different shapes and volumes.

Nanotiter Plate

On our nanowell plates three arrays with wells of different edge lengths are placed. The arrays have 14 x 14 (well spacing of 1,125 µm), 28 x 28 (well spacing of 562.5 µm), and 60 x 60 (well spacing of 281.25 µm) single wells.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 18

Fluidic 18

18-Well Titer Plate

The 18-well titer plate (119 µl/well) works with the spacing of a 96-well microtiter plate, namely 9 mm, and is available in different materials and in transparent and colored versions. It can be used with our adapter fram in microtiter-plate format that is made as a special adapter for microfluidic chips in microscopy slide format.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 141

Fluidic 141

65-Well Titer Plate

This 65-well chip (25.9 µl/well) has the spacing of a 384 well plate, namely 4.5 mm. It can be used with the micro-titer plate sized adapter frames described on the accessories page. The chip can be used to carry out reactions or as a source plate experiments, e.g. with the instrumentTWO spotter shown in the instrument chapter.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 383

Fluidic 383