Glass is the material of choice if you work with elevated temperatures or organic solvents. We offer standardized glass microfluidic chips in microscopy slide format with through-holes as fluidic interface. They are made by wet etching (isotropic etching) to achieve quite smooth surfaces. In order to facilitate the handling of these glass chips, respective accessories are available.

Straight channel chips, chamber chips, droplet generator chips or meander chips are available as off-the-shelf devices. Custom designs can be realized on demand.

Accessories for Standard Glass Chips

Our handling platform allows you to insert microfluidic ChipShop’s standard glass chips in the format of a micoscopy slide, namely 75.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 1.65 mm. The fluidic interconnection is easily achieved by the fluidic interfaces integrated in the platform. For a standard use the fluidic interfaces, through-holes on the chip and fluid connectors in the handling platform, are placed at standard positions having the spacing of a 386 well plate, namely 4.5 mm. This allows for a “one-size-fits-all“ handling platform.

microfluidic ChipShop developed stand alone interfaces to facilitate the application of tubing on through-holes interfaces. They come in olive and female Mini Luer interfaces. These stand alone interfaces can be easily glued on the chip.