FLUIGENT develops, manufactures, and commercializes innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of rapidly growing applications where fluid control matters. All our products can benefit from our ISO-9001 certified processes since 2010.

Flow EZ™ Most Advanced Flow Controller

Main characteristics of the Flow EZ™ flow controller:

  • Easy to use: just dial in set pressure
  • Best performance available
  • No PC required
  • Expandable by the user
  • Engineered for microfluidics’ lab bench

The benefits of Fluigent’s new patent-pending technology for our Flow EZ™ microfluidic pump are the local control with the intuitive dial, the live control and monitoring with the integrated OLED screen, the expandable design, the easy connection to our flow sensors and the low gas consumption.

MFCS™-EZ Pressure-Based Flow Controller

Main characteristics of the MFCS™-EZ pressure-based flow controller:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to automate
  • Fast and stable
  • Field proven technology
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 MFCS™-EZ units on the same set-up

The benefit of FLUIGENT’s patented FASTAB™ technology are fast equilibrium times, superior reproducibility and a pulsation-free liquid operation even in the nanoliter scale. These features are ensured through the pressure-driven approach including an advanced feedback loop and no mechanical parts.

ESS™ Fluid Handling Platform

The ESS™ is a unique fluid handling platform enabling automated selections and injections of fluids thanks to three powerful accessories:

  • 2-Switch™ valve
  • M-Switch™ 10-way bidirectional valve
  • Switchboard
FRP Flow-Rate Platform

The FRP Flow-Rate Platform enables to easily monitor* and control** the flow-rates in most microfluidic systems with superior precision and stability.

*: available in stand-alone version for flow monitoring (can be installed on set-ups having no MFCS™ pressure controller)
**: requires the Flow-Rate Control Module with a dongle in MAESFLO™ Software

For more in depth information of FLUIGENT’s flow-control technology, please review the following publications:

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