Using microfluidic systems in the daily laboratory life becomes easier when the chips are operated with suitable instruments. Use our ChipGenie® editions for best possible results.

ChipGenie® edition T summarizes the instrument family used for chip-based applications requiring heating. Some of the instruments cover the temperature control only, others include the optical read-out. All chips in microfluidic slide format can be used with the instrument.

ChipGenie® Edition T – Instrument Family for Heating and PCR

ChipGenie® edition E, an extremely compact electrophoresis system, allows the label-free detection of small ions thanks to its contactless conductivity detection scheme. A variety of catalogue chips is suitable for the system.

ChipGenie® Edetion E – Capillary Electrophoresis System

ChipGenie® edition P is a compact versatile instrument for on-chip magnetic bead handling and heating, e.g. for on-chip sample preparation steps like DNA-extraction or cell lysis. The instrument comes in the size of a cigar box.

ChipGenie® Edition P – On-Chip Sample Preparation System

ChipGenie® edition BD addresses the emptying of blisters.

ChipGenie® Edition BD

Our ChipGenie® edition TV allows for the control of turning valves.

ChipGenie® Edition TV

Our Lab-on-a-Chip Cell Culture Incubator – LOC CCI 1 enables you to carry out cell-based assays in microfluidic chips placed in this incubator which can be mounted easily on a microscope stage.


We also feature instruments by our partner companies.