Chips with 1 Channel

This device features a single broad channel with an additional large chamber, for example to allow on-chip waste storage. As fluidic interfaces, female Luer connectors are attached. For the colored chips, the structured part is dyed and the cover lid is transparent.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 95

Fluidic 95

Chips with 2 Channels

In this chip, two large fluidic chambers are implemented at the top of the chip. Four fluidic interfaces for each of these chambers allow not only to apply the sample, but in particular to flow different reagent solutions in the chambers using connected pumps. Large waste reservoirs, allowing for a liquid uptake of roughly 500 μl each, enable to run assays without a need for waste management. A water-tight but air permeable membrane ensures that no contamination will take place through the waste reservoirs.

Schematic Drawing of Fluidic 272

Fluidic 272