PC is thermoplastic polymer. Compared to other materials used in microfluidics, like Zeonor or Topas, it is less hydrophobic and therefore, the channels show a better filling behavior. It can be used for higher temperature applications, like e.g. PCR. The drawback of this material is the relatively high intrinsic fluorescence, in particular of the available foil material, compared e.g. to Topas, Zeonor, or PMMA.


mcs-PC-13 – Tg:145°C

mcs-foil-042 – Tg: 145°C

PC can be used with:
  • Diluted Acids
  • Oils and Fats
  • Alcohols
PC cannot be used with:
  • Bases
  • Esters
  • Ketones, Aldehydes
  • Amines
  • Aromatics
Transmission Spectrum of 1.0 mm thick Microscopy Slide of mcs-PC-13