microfluidic ChipShop’s Publications

Selected Journal and Book Publications

[1] Zuieva A., et al., Real-time monitoring of immediate drug response and adaptation upon repeated treatment in a microfluidic chip system, Arch Toxicol, 96(5):1483-1487, 2022.

[2] Ghafoory S., et al., Oxygen Gradient Induced in Microfluidic Chips Can Be Used as a Model for Liver Zonation, Cells, 11(23):3734, 2022.

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[9] Martens D., et al., A low-cost integrated biosensing platform based on SiN nanophotonics for biomarker detection in urine, Analytical methods, 10 (25), 3066-3073, 2018.

[10] Ramirez-Priego P., et al., Label-Free and Real-Time Detection of Tuberculosis in Human Urine Samples Using a Nanophotonic Point-of-Care Platform, ACS sensors, 3 (10), 2079-2086, 2018.

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[27] Köhler, S. et al., Micro free-flow electrophoresis with injection molded chips, RSC Advances 2 (2), 520-525, 2012.

Selected Conference Proceedings

[1] Gaube P., et al. An integrated multiplexed chip for digital droplet loop-mediated isothermal amplification, Proc. MicroTAS 2023.

[2] Schattschneider S., et al., Minimal instrument immunoassay system by cartridge-integrated inkjet-printed optical detection system,Proc. MicroTAS 2019, Basel, 2019.

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[7] Baldini F., et al., Novel fluorescence-based POCT platform for therapeutic drug monitoring in transplanted patients, Proc. SPIE 10072, 100720C, 2017.

[8] Becker, H., et al., Microfluidic cartridge for LAM-based TB POC-diagnostics using silicon photonics sensor, Proc. MicroTAS 2017.

[9] Becker, H., et al., Stem-cell derived two-organ model for metabolism-induced toxicity testing, Proc. MicroTAS 2017.

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[11] Freyberg, S., et al., Fully integrated microfluidic device for detecting tumor associated miRNA clusters for point-of-care clinical diagnostics, Proc. MicroTAS 2016.

[12] Sewart, R., et al., Universal lab-on-a-chip system for cell counting and cell density measurements in human and veterinary diagnostic applications, Proc. MicroTAS 2016.

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Publications Referring to microfluidic ChipShop’s Devices – Selected Publications

[1] Vargas R., et al. Dialysis is a key factor modulating interactions between critical process parameters during the microfluidic preparation of lipid nanoparticles, Colloid Interface Sci Commun, 54:100709, 2023.

[2] Hoyt ALM., et al., Penetration Coefficients of Commercial Nanolimes and a Liquid Mineral Precursor for PoreImitating Test Systems—Predictability of Infiltration Behavior, Materials (Basel), 6(6):2506, 2023.

[3] Iftikhar S., et.al., Droplet-based microfluidics platform for antifungal analysis against filamentous fungi, Sci Rep., 11(1):22998, 2021.

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