Our product range in silicone covers standard designs as well as tailor-made microfluidic devices. Practically all microfluidic designs in our portfolio can be produced in silicone. The silicone parts can be delivered as silicone-only devices without a cover lid or bonded, for example to glass, silicone, or polymers, including various polymer platforms. This enables the simple combination of standard fluidic interfaces with user specific fluidic designs. If you are interested in our services simply get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.

Silicone Chips and Mold Inserts

Within the silicone chip services portfolio a standard kit for easy fabrication of first silicone microfluidic chips is offered together with our partner GeSim within the brand name MicCell. Exceeding this service, microfluidic ChipShop offers for casting of PDMS custom-design silicon stampers.

Silicon Master Structures

For casting of silicone microfluidic ChipShop offers 4 inch (100 mm diameter) silicone wafer. The wafer can be ordered with 1 – 3 channel depth differing in pricing.

Following design rules need to be considered:

  • Wafer size: 4 inch
  • Wafer thickness: 700 μm
  • Minimum feature size: 10 μm, less upon request at extra cost
  • Maximum structure depth: 50 μm
  • Maximum aspect ratio: <1

CAD files need to be delivered in the following format: dwg, dxf