DropBot by Sci-Bots is a portable, general-purpose Digital Microfluidic control system that can be used to manipulate discrete droplets using electrostatic forces on an insulated array of electrodes; a format also commonly referred to as Electrowetting on a Dielectric (EWOD). This small and rugged instrument can be controlled via USB with easy-to-use software that supports graphical programming (i.e., users can simply click and drag drops using a real-time video overlay). Sequences of steps can be pre-programmed and run automatically, enabling fully automated operation


  • Integrated high-voltage source (up to 140 VRMS bipolar square waves at frequencies between 100 Hz–10 kHz)
  • 120 independent channels connected to the chip via spring loaded pogo-pins
  • Dynamic impedance sensing providing real-time measurement of drop position/velocity
  • Extensible software supports easy integration/control of new sensors and actuators via plugins

DropBot by Sci-Bots


  • Sample preparation
  • Immunoassays
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Cell-based assays
  • Adherent 3D cell culture