ChipGenie® edition I instrument offers pipetting of chips in the format of a microtiterplate with 1536 spacing. Microfluidic chips having the size of a microscopy slide can be fitted in respective microtiter plate sized handling frames to be handled with the pipettor.

A colorimetric read-out system is integrated in the ChipGenie® edition I instrument to cope with the detection of special detection spots addressed by the IFSA 1 Immunoassay Chip. Various other kinds of chips can be operated by this system.

The ChipGenie® edition I instrument is a merger of lab-on-a-chip and labautomation, liquid supply is managed by the pipettor, the liquid control on chip is ensured through the fluidic design.

Chips that can be used with the ChipGenie® edition I instrument are the IFSA 1 Immunoassay Chips for a frit-based sample enrichment and colorimetric detection.

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ChipGenie® edition I instrument – Pipetting system with optical read-out e.g. for IFSA 1 Immunoassay Chips