We are part of the M3NIR Project

We are part of the M3NIR Project

We at microfluidic ChipShop are very proud to be part of the M3NIR project (Integrated, Modular, Multisensing, Mid- and Near- IR sensing Platform).
The project started on January 2023 and consists of 13 international partners from all over Europe which aim to develop innovative photonics-based sensing approaches.

M3NIR includes the optimization of manufacturing methods for photonic devices in the mid-infrared range, the development of the corresponding electronics and the integration of other components such as #microfluidics for the realization of high performance sensors for environmental, industrial and medical applications.

The latest press release can be found here:
M3NIR Press Release

We are looking forward to this amazing opportunity and are thankful for great cooperation as well as new research insights. 😍

26. May 2023