We are part of the AGRARSENSE project

We are part of the AGRARSENSE project

We at microfluidic Chipshop are proud to announce our participation in the AGRARSENSE project.

AGRARSENSE brings together 51 partners from 14 countries, including large enterprises, SMEs, and research organizations, with the common goal of advancing microelectronics and sensor technology for agriculture.

Focused on addressing global food security challenges, the project aims to develop automated agricultural tools and improved sensor technology to enhance efficiency and safeguard value chains.

We contribute with our expertise by integrating microfluidics in agricultural monitoring for AGRARSENSE. At the forefront is our ChipGenie® Edition E2, a compact lab device for capillary electrophoresis enabling microfluidic-based detection of cations and anions across various agricultural applications, while at the same time reducing chemical waste. This showcases the efficiency and accessibility of microfluidics for advancing agricultural technology.

Together with our partners in AGRARSENSE, we strive to contribute innovative solutions that address the challenges in agriculture and pave the way for a more sustainable future. 🌿

The new product flyer for the ChipGenie® Edition E2 can be found here:









ChipGenie® Edition E2 Flyer

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23. January 2024