From easy-connect microfluidics components to affordable, feature-laden microscopes, LabSmith has earned its reputation for innovative solutions to research problems.

LabSmith was founded in 1995 by Dr. Eric Cummings, whose work at Caltech and other institutions exposed the need for a new approach to research equipment design. By developing reliable “building blocks” for high-speed timing and coordination, LabSmith provided a reliable alternative to home-made control systems. Researchers in fields from automotives to gas dynamics began improving their lab efficiency with LabSmith systems.

Today, led by President Kirsten Pace, LabSmith has increased its product offering to address other aspects of research. With these automatable, sequence-able products LabSmith has introduced entirely new classes of equipment, such as high voltage sequencers, real-time recording fluorescence microscopes, uProcess automation products, including syringe pumps and valves, and breadboard-based microfluidics components.

LabSmith continues to innovate and grow, with products that increase capabilities, shorten development times, and help researchers focus on research.

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